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118- Matt Szluka and the Illinois State Police Aviation Program Part III

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Episode Description

Welcome to episode 118 of The Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical Helicasts.

In Part Three of this three-part series, host Jon Gray resumes his conversation with Matt Szluka.

Szluka is a state trooper and fixed-wing aircraft pilot with the Illinois State Police (ISP) in the Chicagoland area, with extensive aviation and law enforcement experience.

He currently focuses on supporting his fellow brothers and sisters on the ground utilizing aircraft and other technologies for criminal enforcement, especially in the city of Chicago, a place he has proudly called home for 42 years.

In this episode, Szluka continues the discussion about the importance of stats to maintain and grow an air support unit.

He speaks about the benefits of developing and maintaining positive relationships with the tower controllers that work in this area of operation.

He also discusses drone operations as a supplement and in conjunction with manned aviation programs.

Szluka and co-host Jack Schonely both have backgrounds in K-9 operations, and they speak about the benefits of training with K-9 teams.

Lastly, they discuss some of the technologies employed both airborne and ground-based law enforcement that increase officer safety.

The Hangar Z Podcast wishes to thank sponsors Garmin, SHOTOVER and CNC Technologies.

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