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America’s Finest City with Trevor Riley AKA Rotor_Monkey_Photo

Episode Description

Air Support in America's Finest City

Since 1986, the crews of 'ABLE' have been providing top-notch air support to the officers and citizens of America's Finest City and on our next episode of the Hangar Z Podcast, we'll be speaking with one of their pilots, Trevor Riley.

There is speculation that the need for air support was identified after the notorious 'News Team Mele of 1975.' Trevor happens to be the unit historian, so he'll provide us more details on the history of the unit.

In addition to being a huge animal lover, with a voice that could make a wolverine purr and seagulls flock to him (we'll cover the seagulls part in the interview), Trevor is also a very talented aerial photographer, known as Rotor Monkey Photo.

Our next episode goes live for our Patreon supporters tomorrow! https://www.patreon.com/HangarZ. We're going to release the episode early to everyone else on Tuesday, for all of those who might be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday!

We're thankful everyday for the all the support from our listeners and we hope you enjoy the episode. We wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving…Stay classy!

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