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Arizona DPS State Trooper Flight Medic Michael Allen AKA Helicopter_Trunk_Monkey

Episode Description

Welcome to episode 42 of the Hangar Z Podcast. In this episode we sit down and chat with Arizona Department of Public Safety State Trooper Flight Medic Michael Allen.

Michael began his public safety career as a firefighter. During his fire service career,he rose to the rank of captain and became an expert in all things rescue.

Like most of us Michael had a dream to be involved in aviation. To pursue his dream,he left the fire service and joined Arizona DPS to join their air rescue unit as a flight medic.

Through hard work and dedication,he accomplished his dream and now serves the citizens of Arizona as a state trooper paramedic assigned to the air rescue unit.

During our conversation he talks about both his career in the fire service as well as his career as a state trooper paramedic with Arizona DPS.

He also talks about the growth of their aviation program and the unique opportunities it will present to those who want to join their air rescue program.

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