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Australia’s Matt Stanton Head of Helicopter Operations New South Wales Police Force

Episode Description

We've gone international! Join us as we sit down and chat with Matthew Stanton, the Head of Helicopter Operations for the NSW Police Force Aviation Command – PolAir.

Matthew shares his inspiring story of living out his childhood dream to fly for PolAir and the amazing journey he took to get there!

We also discuss the latest developments at PolAir, to include their new fleet, new facility and the bright future for the Aviation Command.

This episode is currently available for early access to our Patreon supporters, to include exclusive access to the special "Debrief Episode," where Matthew shares the moving story from a search and rescue incident he was involved in. If you want to help support the podcast, get early access to episodes and access to exclusive content, head on over to https://www.patreon.com/HangarZ

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