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Beers and Beignets….. An APSCON 2021 conference breakdown with San Diego County Sheriff Fire and Rescue Pilot Tony Webber

Episode Description

APSCON 2021 from New Orleans is officially in the books, so now it's time to break it down in a special episode. Join us in the hangar, with our guest San Diego County Sheriff Fire and Rescue Pilot Tony Webber, as we discuss his and Jon's experiences and takeaways from this year's APSA Convention. From some of the movers and shakers in our industry, to some of the latest and greatest on the show floor, to the sights and sounds of New Orleans, including Tony's sighting of the ever elusive, Rob Steht!

We do have to give a special thank you to our listeners. We were amazed and humbled by the positive feedback we received from so many of you at this year's APSCON! We're excited to return to the Hangar after taking a month off for family and work commitments. We look forward to continuing to bring you content that we hope will motivate, inspire and bring value to your operations

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