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Brad Isaacs Life After Law Enforcement

Episode Description

Join us in the Hangar for episode 35 as we sit down and chat with former law enforcement pilot, turned utility helicopter pilot, Brad Isaacs.

Listen in as Brad walks us through his aviation journey, which started in his teens, with the support of his parents. He then charted a path into the cockpit of a law enforcement helicopter, where he flew for the Gwinnett County (GA) Police Department.

After a handful of years of chasing bad guys and the occasional wayward cow outside Atlanta, Brad was offered the opportunity to make the transition to utility helicopter flying. Brad describes how social media networking led him to this opportunity with HLH Aviation. He also describes the career lifestyle and training it takes to work in this dynamic sector of aviation.

Whether you’re looking to start a career in airborne law enforcement or are a current law enforcement aviator looking to retire, or transition into a new flying career, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Check out the cool stuff Brad is doing over at his Instagram and YouTube channels.


Episode 35 of the Hangar Z Podcast is available on all the popular podcast apps or can be found on our website at www.hangarzpodcast.com.

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