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California Highway Patrol’s Kevin Vinatieri

Episode Description

In this episode we talk with CHP pilot Kevin Vinatieri. Kevin's aviation career began with the California Army National Guard when he joined the early enlistment program while still in high school. Kevin served as an OH-58 crew chief and became a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot serving with the 126th Medevac Company at Mather Field in Sacramento California. Kevin separated from the military in 1999. Kevin's desire to further serve his country led him to reenlist in the California Army National Guard October 2012 and was deployed to Afghanistan from March 2013 to March 2014.

As if his military service was not enough Kevin has served the citizens of California as a CHP Officer and pilot since 1995. During his career with the CHP Kevin has medevac'd over 300 patients from auto accidents to injured hikers in the forests of the Sierra mountains. He also assisted in the apprehension of countless criminals while providing support for the men and women on the ground.

Kevin and Jeff Ratkovich served together in the National Guard as part of the 126th Medivac Company. During this episode they discuss a rescue they worked together where they attempted to disrupt an entire wedding party.

In this episode we also talk about an aviation legend JC Dodd. JC was a CHP pilot and worked with both Kevin and Jeff as part of the 126th Medivac Company. JC Dodd lost his life doing what he loved…. Flying helicopters on January 17th, 2018.

JC Dodd was a husband, friend and mentor to many and is greatly missed. This episode is dedicated to the life and accomplishments of JC Dodd.

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