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Celebrating 3 Years of The Hangar Z Podcast

Episode Description

Welcome to episode 95 of The Hangar Z Podcast Brought to you by Vertical Valor Magazine.

Can you imagine building a podcast from scratch with a 15-year-old laptop and a borrowed microphone? That's how our journey started three years ago. In this special anniversary episode, we're bringing you into our family circle with my wife, Shawna and dad, Mike Gray. We'll take you through our humble beginnings, sharing laughs over hot seat questions – and recounting some of the most memorable moments from our time in the helicopter industry.

Did you ever think your career might involve encounters with alien invasion believers, or bringing joy to children at Loma Linda Children's Hospital through annual 'Toys for Tots' events? That’s the crazy world of law enforcement we’ve lived and loved, and we're excited to share all the laughs, adrenaline rushes, and heartwarming moments with you. Alongside this, we'll talk about the incredible relationships we've built, including becoming a part of the Vertical Valor family, we talk about the inspiring legacy of Skip Robinson and the immense support from mentors and friends.

But it’s not all laughter and nostalgia, we'll also discuss the challenges faced, the losses mourned, and the resilience built over the years. We'll delve into the bittersweet memories of our last flight in October 2021, and the subsequent challenging year. Yet, amidst all of this, the podcast remained a beacon of positivity, inspiring us to seize opportunities in 2023. We get an opportunity to express gratitude to our friends and sponsors, who've walked with us on this journey.

So get ready as we toast to three years of the HangarZ Podcast and look forward to many more!

I would like to thank our sponsors Metro Aviation SHOTOVER and CNC Technologies as well as our supporters on Patreon

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