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ECHO Public Safety Aviation Conference San Diego Preview

Episode Description

Welcome to episode 98 of The Hangar Z Podcast brought to you by Vertical Valor Magazine.

In this episode, we piggyback off Vertical Magazine’s article on ECHO’s Public Safety Aviation Conference in San Diego. We got to sit down with ECHO HEMS Director Travis Mason and ECHO Marketing Director Ashley Chitty. 

During the conversation, we talk about what ECHO is as an organization and most importantly we preview their annual conference that is going to be held in my favorite city San Diego October 2nd through 4th.

This year they have added a law enforcement track to the training curriculum in addition to all the other courses being offered that benefit anyone in public safety aviation regardless of segment.

In addition to the world-class training, the networking that takes place at the ECHO conference is something you do not want to miss.

To register for the conference go to ECHO’s webpage ECHOFlightcrew.org where you will find a registration link as well as other info on the conference.

The final day to book a room with the ECHO room rate is Friday, September 8th. 

Looking forward to catching you all at ECHO in San Diego

I would like to thank our sponsors Metro Aviation, SHOTOVER and CNC Technologies.

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