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ECHO Public Safety Aviation Conference Special #2 with the ECHO F.A.S.T Team (Flight crew Assistance & Support Team)

Episode Description

The Hangar Z Podcast had the honor of being asked by ECHO Heliops to join them at their national public safety aviation conference to Podcast from the convention floor in Austin Texas.

In this episode we chat with the ECHO F.A.S.T Team (Flight crew Assistance & Support Team) from the conference floor. 

The FAST team is a peer support program developed to provide assistance & support to Flight Crew members & their families involved in a critical incident.


  • Services available at ZERO cost to affected flight crew & organization
  • Deployable Peer Support Team
  • Geared towards flight crews/families by active flight crew members
  • Confidential communication/support services available for both short/long term
  • Willing to help/provide services & support to injured flight crew members, family, & flight services affected by a critical incident
  • Collaborative partnership with flight programs without affiliation bias/agenda

If you are a member of a flight crew and feel you need assistance, you may call or text the AIR FAST hotline 24/7. (1-833-AIR-FAST1-833-247-3278)

​On the other end is a flight crew member who is part of ECHO FAST and not affiliated with your program. 

​Feel more comfortable emailing? Please email FAST@ECHOFLIGHTCREW.org

Thank you to our sponsor Metro Aviation and our supporters on Patreon.

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