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ECHO Public Safety Aviation Conference Special #3 with Dr. Amanda Ventura

Episode Description

The Hangar Z Podcast had the honor of being asked by ECHO Heliops to join them at their national public safety aviation conference to Podcast from the convention floor in Austin Texas.

In this episode we chat with Dr. Amanda Ventura who is an emergency physician in Houston, Texas.We had to work some dark magic to resurrect this episode as the hard drive it was written to was corrupted. This is a very powerful story and episode so we did what had to be done to bring it to you all.

In the conversation Dr. Ventura discusses an officer down incident she responded to as a flight physician and how it led to a descent into PTSD and alcoholism. She offers her experience as a way to help first responders take mental health seriously in light of the trama that is seen day in and day out.  

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