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Episode 104- Celebrating Milestones: A New Chapter in Our Podcast Journey

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Episode Description

Welcome to episode 104 of The Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical Helicasts.

This episode is a rollercoaster of celebration, revelation and inspiration! We’re excited to announce some groundbreaking milestones on our journey and welcome a new member to our podcast family. We raise a toast for joining forces with the MHM Publishing family, marking our third glorious year on air, launching our 100th episode, and stepping into the visual world of YouTube to share our entire podcast episodes.

We’re also thrilled to introduce an industry stalwart as our new co-host. In addition to all of this, Jeff has some exciting news to share during the episode. Buckle up as we embark on uncharted territories together!

The Hangar Z Podcast would like to thank its sponsors Metro Aviation, SHOTOVER, and CNC Technologies.

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