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Episode 109- Airborne use of force with Texas DPS Lieutenant Cody Klaehn Part 3

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Episode Description

Welcome to episode 109 of The Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical Helicasts.

Thanks for joining us for part three of our conversation with Lt Cody Klaehn from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

In this episode, host Jon Gray speaks with Lt Klaehn about the equipment Texas DPS is using for its airborne use of force program. 

Lt Klaehn is a Texas native who joined the Marine Corp before joining Texas DPS. 

He worked the highway as a patrol officer for 10 years, before he was selected to the Driver License Fraud Unit, stationed in Austin. He was later promoted to the Criminal Investigation Division as a sergeant in Narcotics and stationed in Laredo with the Drug Intelligence Unit. 

Lt Klaehn served on and off the SWAT team for approximately 12 years, during which time he advanced through various positions within the SWAT Team.

From there, Lt Klaehn transferred to the Texas DPS Training Academy in Austin as a recruit school instructor in Austin. He was selected as one of two lieutenant team leaders for the Texas Ranger SWAT team.

In 2011, Lt Klaehn transferred from the SWAT team to DPS Aircraft in 2011 and presently works as a training lieutenant for tactical flight officers (TFOs). He is one of two Special Mission instructors for the DPS Aircraft Division and is the lead instructor for Airborne Use of Force for Texas DPS. 

As you will find out, Lt Klaehn continues to develop and adapt the Airborne Use of Force Program for the current situations facing law enforcement today.

If you get a chance to talk to CNC Technologies, and go through their social media, you will see they have a hand in developing the mission suites for Texas DPS’s new aircraft, so it’s awesome that they are sponsoring this episode of the Hangar Z podcast, along with our friends and sponsors Metro Aviation and SHOTOVER.

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