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Episode 110- Launching a new aviation program with Bell’s Terry Miyauchi

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Episode Description

Welcome to episode 110 of The Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical Helicasts.

This is an episode recorded from the floor at the ECHO Public Safety Aviation Conference in San Diego. Host Jon Gray had another opportunity to sit down with Bell’s Terry Miyauchi to discuss what it takes to establish a new public safety aviation unit. 

Miyauchi’s aviation career spans more than 30 years, where he served both as an Army aviator and as a law enforcement pilot. Miyauchi’s public safety career culminated as commander of the Arizona Department of Public Safety Aviation Unit, where he led a unit of over 65 personnel and a fleet of 14 aircraft. 

Currently, Miyauchi works for Bell as the company’s public safety segment manager, which takes him all over the world talking to various agencies in different states of development. His experience in this role gives him the unique ability to speak to the subject of new unit start-ups.  

To find more information on Bell and the resources they have available visit www.bell.co/publicsafety

The Hangar Z Podcast would like to thank sponsors Garmin, SHOTOVER and CNC Technologies.

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