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Episode 111- The Helicopter Podcast Takeover

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Episode Description

Welcome to episode 111 of The Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical Helicasts.

In this episode, host Jon Gray celebrates the 50th episode of The Helicopter Podcast with Halsey Schider. 

To mark the occasion, Gray takes over The Helicopter Podcast to interview Schider. 

Gray has been working behind the scenes and on the mic to help build MHM Publishing’s new Vertical Helicasts podcast network

Like Hangar Z, The Helicopter Podcast is also a proud member of the Vertical Helicasts family. The Helicopter Podcast features guests from every segment from within helicopter aviation. 

Schider is an engaging host who delivers casual conversations, answers questions, gives sound advice and talks shop with his guests. The Helicopter Podcast is produced by helicopter professionals for all types of helicopter people.

Schider started his aviation journey at age 14, when he joined the Civil Air Patrol. Eighteen years later, after having had the opportunity to fly in all kinds of different helicopter operations, including emergency medical services, his passion for aviation (specifically helicopters) is stronger than ever. 

Schider has also always had an entrepreneurial spirit, starting his first business at age 12 by mowing lawns. You will enjoy getting to know him during this interview. To listen to The Helicopter Podcast, visit the show page on the Vertical Helicasts website.

The Hangar Z Podcast is proud to thank its sponsors, who have made this episode possible. Thank you to sponsors GarminSHOTOVER and Metro Aviation.

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