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Episode 113- A Peek into Law Enforcement Aviation with Calgary Police

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Episode Description

Welcome to episode 113 of The Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical Helicasts.

In this two-part series, host Jon Gray sits down with Derek, Kyle and Tanya from the Calgary Police Service aviation unit, referred to as the HAWCS program. HAWCS stands for helicopter air watch for community safety.

During this episode we have an opportunity to profile their careers, talk about the Calgary Police Service broadly and get into some of the technology that makes their program successful and efficient.

This episode piggybacks off an article written by Jen Nevans in June 2023 and published in Vertical Valor magazine. Within the article, you will find lots of multimedia content, including photos and video.

The Hangar Z Podcast encourages everyone to familiarize themselves with sponsors who have made this episode possible. Thank you to Metro Aviation, SHOTOVER, and Garmin. We appreciate all you have done for The Hangar Z Podcast and public safety.

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