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Episode 115- Patio Beers with SR3 From ECHO in San Diego

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Episode Description

Welcome to episode 115 of The Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical Helicasts.

In this episode, host Jon Gray sits down with a few of the men from SR3, Stef Maier Rob Munday and Tony Webber — although Webber steps into the co-host shoes for this episode, recorded on location in San Diego Bay from the ECHO conference.

This episode is modeled after Flight Suit Fridays, a podcast about U.S. Coast Guard aviation. Flight Suit Fridays has “patio beer episodes,” where they freestyle content as they sit on a patio and drink amazing beer. This perfectly describes how Hangar Z approached this episode.

The Hangar Z Podcast wishes to thank sponsors Metro Aviation, SHOTOVER and CNC Technologies. All these companies are huge contributors to the overall growth and success of our industry.

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