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Episode 143 – Tennessee Highway Patrol with Kevin Hart Part I

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Episode Description

Welcome to The Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical Helicasts!

In this engaging two-part series, Jeff Ratkovich and Jon Gray sit down for a conversation with a close friend, former colleague, and Gray’s certified flight instructor (CFI) at Ontario Police Department, Kevin Hart

Hart is a seasoned professional in aviation and law enforcement. With a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from UC Santa Barbara, he brings a solid academic foundation to his multifaceted career.

Hart’s journey began as a fixed-wing certified flight instructor (CFI) before transitioning to law enforcement, where he served as a deputy Sheriff for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

His subsequent move to the Ontario Police Department marked over 14 years of dedicated service, during which he ascended from patrol to aviation. Hart’s roles included serving as a tactical flight officer before earning the coveted position of pilot. Notably, he also assumed the pivotal role of the aviation unit’s primary certified flight instructor.

Relocating to Nashville in 2021, Hart continued his contributions to aviation, working as a helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) pilot for Air Evac.

Hart and Ratkovich are now both pilots for the Tennessee Highway Patrol, with Hart based out of Nashville and Ratkovich in West Tennessee.

Hart is enjoying life outside of California living in the country and working around his property tending to the chickens, fishing, and fantasizing about surf trips.

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