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Episode 169- York Regional Part II

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Episode Description

Welcome to The Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical HeliCASTS!

In this two-part series, co-hosts Jack Schonely and Jon Gray sit down with Andre Schabron.

Andre is an accomplished helicopter pilot holding an Airline Transport Pilot certificate (ATPL) with experience across varied environments. With a professional demeanor and a proactive approach, he excels in team settings and thrives under pressure. His aviation experience encompasses flying in controlled airspaces and remote regions, including the Arctic.

Andre is currently serving as a police helicopter pilot with the York Regional Police Department in Ontario, Canada. Andre contributes to the Air Support Unit, executing missions with precision and safety. His previous roles include supporting operations in the Arctic and remote oil-and-gas sites, demonstrating adaptability and resilience in challenging environments.

Before his aviation career, Andre served as a police officer and detective with the Zurich Cantonal Police in Switzerland, honing his investigative and leadership skills over nearly two decades. Additionally, his experience in the Swiss Armed Forces further enriched his teamwork and communication abilities.

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