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Episode 175- Guardians of the U.S. Capital: U.S. Park Police Aviation

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Episode Description

Welcome to The Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical HeliCASTS!

This episode was recorded on location in Washington, D.C., from the U.S. Park Police aviation hangar, as part of The Hangar Z Vertical Valor Road tour.

We felt this was a great episode to release on Independence Day, the Fourth of July, 2024, which is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence, which was ratified by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, establishing the United States of America.

Jack Schonely and Brent Bundy from Vertical Valor Magazine were invited into the U.S. Park Police Aviation hangar to see firsthand the good work they are doing as they protect the U.S. capital and its surrounding areas.

We had the privilege of talking to and flying with the assistant commander of the aviation Unit, Sgt Tim Ryan, and chief pilot Sgt Ryan Evasick.

Sgt Ryan began his career with the United States Park Police in 2004. After three years as a patrol officer, he transitioned to the Aviation Unit in 2008. Sgt Ryan has held multiple roles within the unit, including rescue technician, chief rescue technician, and currently, assistant commander.

His extensive training includes qualifications as a National Registry paramedic, tactical medic, and expertise in swiftwater rescue and high and low angle technical rescue. Originally from New Hampshire, Sgt Ryan now resides in Maryland with his family.

Sgt Evasick is the chief pilot for the U.S. Park Police. With 21 years of law enforcement experience and flying for the U.S. Park Police since 2013, Sgt Evasick holds commercial helicopter, certified flight instructor (CFI), and certified flight instructor instrument (CFII) ratings. His family includes his wife, a mental health clinician for the Virginia Department of Corrections; his son, a former U.S. Marine; and two beloved grandchildren.

Look out for photos, videos, and an article by Brent Bundy highlighting the U.S. Park Police on Verticalmag.com and the Vertical YouTube page.

We’re excited to dive into their experiences, insights, and the incredible work they do with the U.S. Park Police Aviation Unit. So, let’s get started and welcome Sgt Tim Ryan and Sgt Ryan Evasick to the Hangar Z Podcast!

Thank you to our sponsors Bell, Collins Aerospace and Precision Aviation Group.

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