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Erik Sabiston’s Journey from Off the Grid Musician to Military Medevac Pilot and Aviation Advocate Part 2

Episode Description

Welcome to episode 90 of The Hangar Z Podcast Brought to you by Vertical Valor Magazine.

Join us for part two of this two-part series with Erik Sabiston. During the episode, he recounts a combat medevac mission under gunfire that results in a heavily damaged hydraulic system, Erik talks about the training they had recently done that ultimately saved the crew's life.

Erik talks about a mission that put himself and his crew into IIMC conditions and how that led to his involvement with the ICARUS view-limiting training device.

During the episode we talk about the transition from military to civilian life, we'll reflect on the importance of mentorship, debt management, and maintaining good relationships. We'll also reflect on the wisdom of Dale Carnegie's 'How to Win Friends and Influence People', and the value of an emergency fund to prepare you to chase your dream job.

Lastly, Erik shares his experiences across marketing, the music industry, running a charity, and aviation, which has put him in a unique position to offer consulting services for vets and civilians offering advice to veterans eager to take flight in the airline industry.

I would like to thank our sponsors Metro Aviation SHOTOVER and CNC Technologies as well as our supporters on Patreon

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