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Ghetto Bird Pirate 2nd Anniversary Episode

Episode Description

Live……Episode 50 which is also our second anniversary episode of the Hangar Z podcast

We thought it would be fitting to bring on the man who inspired the inception of The Hangar Z Mr. Ghetto Bird Pirate himself Scott Hebble.

Scott is a Super Puma search and rescue pilot for the LA County Sheriff's Department.

Scott has worked his way from patrolling the streets of LA County as a deputy where he worked a variety of assignments including gang investigations to aviation where he was a tactical flight deputy, patrol pilot flying the Astar and now flying the super rare and awesome Airbus Super Puma.

During our conversation Scott talks about working both the streets as well as his aviation career that led him to his current position.

Looking back at the last two years, I’m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to talk to all the guests that have been on the hangar Z podcast and for all the friendships that have developed.

We have tried to bring interviews from all different disciplines within public safety aviation and look forward to broadening that as we continue.

I am truly humbled that we are still around to bring each episode to you all. When we first started, I was pretty sure it would be my mom listening and telling me your doing great honey and that’s about it.

The support from our listeners, Patreon subscribers and our sponsors has allowed us to grow and do things I never imagined like having a booth at APSCON in Reno this year. That was an absolute blast.

Want to throw out a quick plug for Echo Heliops and their annual conference that we will be podcasting from. It’s in Austin Texas 15th, 16th and 17th. Check them out they are doing some great things for all of public safety aviation.

Echo is coordinating a tactical flight crew training in early 2023 in Fort Myers Florida and will be hosted by the Lee County Sheriff’s Department. Really cool that are helping with that training so check out their website echoflightcrew.org for more information on that.

Again, thank you for all the support and feedback you all have offered, we look forward to catching you all as we go forward.

If you are looking for a way to help us out leave a review on the podcast site you use to listen to the hangar Z podcast. It honestly is a huge help to us.

Thank you to our sponsor Metro Aviation and our supporters on Patreon.

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