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HAI Special #3 with Amy McMullen and Shawn Bruton from Metro Aviation

Episode Description

Episode 77 of The Hangar Z Podcast brought to you by Vertical Valor Magazine is live.

I didn’t make it to HAI due to our snowplcalypse here in Southern California, Jeff was there and did an excellent job stepping in to host some episodes from the floor of HAI. This is the last of three episodes Jeff recorded at Heli Expo.

Thanks to Ryan from the Flight Suit Friday Podcast and Quinny from the Real Resq podcast for the work they put into developing a recording booth that we all used to record from. 

The podcasts that we had the pleasure of collaborating with include Flight Suit Friday, The Real ResQ Podcast, The Pilots Lounge, and the Forever on The Fly Podcast. 

So a huge thanks to the US Coast Guard for allowing us to use their booth to record.

In the final episode recorded from the floor of HAI Heli-Expo 2023 in Atlanta, Jeff gets the opportunity to interview Amy McMullen and Shawn Bruton from Metro Aviation. 

This is one interview I truly missed. I had a chance to hang out with the Metro folks at APSCON in Reno and had a fantastic time. They truly are great people doing really cool things. 

During the episode, they preview Metro Aviation and some of the cool things they are doing.

If you are looking to work with some awesome people check out their website Metro aviation.com


The Hangar Z Podcast would like to thank its sponsors Metro Aviation, SHOTOVER, and CNC Technologies, as well as Patreon

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