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Infrared Technology with Teledyne FLIR’s Brian Spillane

Episode Description

In episode 26, we sit down with public safety aviation legend Brian Spillane. Brian is the industries foremost expert on infrared technology and comes to us from Teledyne FLIR who generously sponsored this episode of the Hangar Z podcast.

Infrared camera systems from Teledyne FLIR have undoubtedly given public safety aviation the tactical advantage and the ability to increase situational awareness in protecting citizens and personnel on the ground.

If you have ever been to the APSA conference you have attended the Teledyne FLIR vision awards where TELEDYNE FLIR “recognizes state and local law enforcement agencies for their tireless contributions to public safety through the powerful use of tactical airborne thermal imagery.” These awards ceremonies feature hilarious videos featuring Brian Spillane.

During this episode Brian talks about his education and experiences that got him into public safety aviation. We also talk Teledyne FLIR’s line up of products as well as the advancement of infrared technology.

We would again like to thank our podcast sponsor CNC Technologies and Teledyne FLIR for sponsoring this episode.

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