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Joel Lane USFS Air Attack

Episode Description

Happy belated New Year, and Merry Christmas to everyone. We are excited to be back from our Christmas break.

In this episode we talk with Joel Lane. Joel retired from the US Forest Service after 40 years of service. The first half of his career was spent on the ground working as a Hot Shot and Engine Captain. The second half of his career he spent in Air Attack as an Air Tactical Group Supervisor.

Joel is the founder of Anchor Flank and Pinch, which is a training company that provides classroom and scenario based live flight training for fixed-wing tanker pilots, aerial supervision pilots, and aerial supervisors.

Joel is currently managing two fire aerial intelligence programs though out California. One for the Orange County Fire Authority and one for the California Office of Emergency Services. He is the lead Air Attack supervisor for the Quick Reaction Force program funded in part by Southern California Edison. This program provides 24/7 aerial fire suppression using Coulson aviation helicopters.

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