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London Metropolitan Police with Richard Brandon

Episode Description

Welcome to episode 67 of the Hangar Z Podcast.

In this episode we sit down and chat with Richard Brandon from the London Metropolitan Police Department.

Richard worked his way from the streets of London to the skies of the London Metropolitan Police Department or MET as they refer to it.

Richard served the department for a total of 30 years as a police officer and is continuing to serve the UK as the Aviation Capability Manager for the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) looking at police aviation strategy and policy nationally.

Richard has as much as a passion for public safety aviation as we do as evidenced in the book he wrote for Haynes that outline airborne law enforcement.

During our conversation we had an opportunity to talk about a variety of different topics from safety to leadership and a lot in between. The common thread of the conversation revolved aroundthe similarities that exist between public safety aviation agencies across the world.

The Hangar Z Podcast is a huge advocate of training and networking. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Airborne Public Safety Association for 2023. We will help them to promote training and networking opportunities through the podcast as well as on our website. We have created a training page on our website https://www.hangarzpodcast.com/ where you can see upcoming training and networking opportunities.

You can find information on the Airborne Public Safety Association as well as a list of their upcoming training and a link to The Hangar Z Podcast at https://publicsafetyaviation.org/

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