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MD Helicopters Hangar Z Podcast Takeover

Episode Description

Welcome to episode 94 of The Hangar Z Podcast Brought to you by Vertical Valor Magazine.

This is the most unique episode that we have done to date. As we visited MD Helicopters in Mesa Arizona, Ashley Sanchez MD Helicopters Director of Marketing and Communications, had the genius idea for their CEO Brad Pedersen and North American Director of Sales Jack Harris to take over The Hangar Z Podcast booth at APSCON in Orlando Florida. 

Jeff and I began the conversation and were promptly booted from the podcast where they interviewed Roger Howard and Greg Kellough from the Columbus Police Aviation Unit. 

With their wealth of experience merging air and ground, they take us from the reality of an engine warning going off mid-flight, to the satisfaction of coaching new pilots and leaving a legacy. You'll hear how they propelled from the Air Force to the police force while honoring the legacy of great pilots that came before them, all underscored by the importance of preparation, support, and mentorship in aviation.

These law enforcement veterans unveil theselection process for TFO’s and shine a light on the evaluation process for trainee TFOs. Packed with anecdotes that reveal the unique assistance they offer from the sky, they highlight the value of their airborne perspective. Rodger and Greg talk about their favorite calls, from adrenaline-fueled pursuits to the heartwarming success of finding missing kids and Alzheimer's patients. Our guests also discuss the significance of never quitting on your dreams, their personal struggles and triumphs, and the importance of continual learning in this high-stakes field.

As we wrap up our flight, we dive into the evolution of police aviation, from the days of searchlights to today's utilization of camera systems. We survey the benefits of investing in technology, the importance of educational programs for helicopter awareness, and consider the potential of a user conference. Join us for this exciting journey that blends inspiring stories, insightful reflections, and a hint of nostalgia. 

I would like to thank our sponsors Metro Aviation SHOTOVER and CNC Technologies as well as our supporters on Patreon

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