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Scott Dworkin Becoming the Rhino

Episode Description

Welcome to episode 65 of The Hangar Z Podcast.

In this episode we talk with the Uber talented aerial photographer and journalist Scott Dworkin. 

 Aerial photographers and journalists like Scott and publications like Vertical Magazine provide a valuable service to public safety aviation by providing positive publicity and by telling the stories of what we do to our peers, the powers that control the purse strings of our programs as well as to the general public who has no idea what we do half the time. 

 Scott Dworkin is an aerial photographer, contractor and photojournalist based outside of Los Angeles, California in Thousand Oaks.

 He has had a lifelong passion for aviation and photography, and after honing his skills as a photographer in various disciplines for many years, he decided to combine his two main interests professionally in 2010.

 Since 2010, Scott's work has been published in numerous international aviation magazines and websites including most recently working with Vertical magazine. 

 As a photographer and writer, he has flown with and covered every branch of the United States Armed Forces, as well as worked with many Department of Defense contractors, civilian aviation outfits, and law enforcement aviation units. 

 Scott embedded with the United States Air Force 452nd Airlift Wing, from March Air Reserve Base in California and traveled with them to Afghanistan to cover their aeromedical evacuation missions and has also traveled around the United States extensively documenting various other military and civilian units in action.Scott is one of only a handful of civilians in the world that is privileged to fly as an aerial photographer in high performance military aircraft.

 The creation of Mach 91 Aerial Photography has been the culmination of Scott's dream and passion to deliver the finest quality, dramatic aerial photography possible, to bring the aircraft to life in their natural environment and tell the story of the men and women who serve.

 Scott has spent the last five years writing a book titled Becoming the Rhino. The book details the life and experiences of students who have been selected to fly the F/A-18 Super Hornet as they work their way through VFA-122, one of the US Navy's training squadrons to become fleet qualified Naval Aviators and Weapons System Operators, as well as the day to day operations of the squadron.

 In this episode, Scott tells the story of how he became a professional aerial photographer and journalist covering the most interesting aircraft in the world which ultimately led to the creation of his book Becoming the Rhino

 The book is available through his website www.mach91aerialphotography.com

We would like to thank our sponsors Metro Aviation and Shotover as well as our supporters on Patreon.

I would like to announce we will be recording The Hangar Z Leadership Summit episode in January of next year. We have recruited some of the industry’s best leaders to have a panel style conversation on topics of leadership affecting public safety aviation today.

As we prepare for this episode if you have any questions you would like us to ask during the episode send them into our email hangarzpodcast@gmail.com this will be an episode you don’t want to miss.

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