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Ten Feet Tall and Not Quite Bullet Proof with Australia’s Cameron Hardiman

Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 81 Brought to you by Vertical Valor Magazine 

As we continue our series on surviving a career in public safety we bring you a conversation with Cameron Hardiman the author of Ten Feet Tall and not quite Bullet Proof.

Cameron served as a Victoria Police Officer where he worked as a patrol officer and as a tactical flight officer. He later became an Australian Federal Police Officer.

During the conversation, Cameron outlines his career as a police officer as well as his time as a tactical flight officer. We spend a good deal of time talking about PTSD and some of the forms of treatment that worked well for Cameron.

Our goal in having these conversations is that it will force each one of us to evaluate where we stand and provide some resources.

If you haven’t read Ten Feet Tall and not quite Bullet Proof I recommend you order it off Amazon to read and add to your library. 

Wewould like to highlight the ECHO Fast Team. Their mission is to provide assistance & support to flight crew members involved in a critical incident as well as their immediate families.

  • Services to assist affected flight crew, as well as immediate family members and flight programs, are provided at ZERO cost 

For more information on the ECHO, FAST TEAM go to their website https://www.echoflightcrew.org/fast

If you are a member of a flight crew and feel you need assistance, please don't hesitate to call or text the AIR FAST hotline 24/7. 1-833-AIR-FAST

On the other end is a flight crew member who is part of ECHO FAST and not affiliated with your program. Communication is 100% confidential and free of judgment or bias. AIR FAST hotline services are not limited to critical aviation incidents, we are here to help through difficult calls, safety concerns, and various additional needs. 

I would like to thank our sponsors Metro Aviation SHOTOVER and CNC Technologies as well as our supporters on Patreon

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