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The First Responders Whiskey Society

Episode Description

We are proud to announce episode 40.

In this episode we chat with Nick Nguyen from San Diego PD and Robert Ochoa from the Riverside County Sheriffs Department.

Nick founded the First Responders Whiskey Society which is a non profit 501(c)(3) charity. They provide support and honor the fallen for those in public safety through spirits.

I was introduced to them after Huntington Beach PD’s Nick Vella passed away on duty after their helicopter crashed off the coast of Newport Beach, California during a patrol flight.

The First Responders Whiskey society had a memorial bottle made in Nick’s memory as a fundraiser for his family as well as to provide a way for family friends and coworkers to know that even though Nick is no longer with us on earth he can live on as we raise a raise a glass to him and share his stories.

Thank you to our sponsor Metro Aviation and our supporters on Patreon .

This episode is dedicated to Nick Vella.

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