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The Jeff Ratkovich Birthday Extravaganza with Steve Quinn from Riverside PD

Episode Description

Welcome to episode 64 of The Hangar Z Podcast. 

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Jeff’s birthday than by bringing his *childhood best friend and enemy onto the show. 

What’s really fun about this episode is that Jeff had absolutely no clue who themystery guest was until he came into the interview. 

The guest and Jeff worked and tormented each other at Riverside PD, where he worked his way through the department. He worked patrol as an officer and a field training officer, he was selected to air support as a TFO which is where I met The Guest back in 2015 as he was putting a proposal together for Riverside PD to purchase Churchill Navigation’s Augmented Reality Mapping software.

The Guest left Air Support for a promotion to Detective in 2017 where he got to work gang investigations and auto theft. 

The Guest is the only person I know in law enforcement who took a voluntary demotion so he could come back to air support as a pilot in 2020.

During our conversation we get to hear the two of them roast each other pretty much non stop. Mixed into the roast is a really great conversation about the power of networking, recruitment and retention in air support as well as creating value for your unit. 

We appreciate all who support this podcast, including Metro Aviation who are doing good things with awesome people.

Thank you to SHOTOVER Systems.Most everyone already knows SHOTOVER, which was formerly Churchill Navigation for their Augmented Reality Mapping software. 

Shotover has integrated the next generation of that software into the M2 camera system.

One of the coolest parts of this new camera system is that the 6 axis imaging systemhaseliminated “gimbal lock” when flying over an object.

The M2 is a definite game-changer for public safety aviation.

I would also like to thank our supporters on Patreon

Lastly, we just launched our channel on YouTube. Our goal is to take 5-10 min segments from each interview that contains valuable insight and post them on our channel.

Do us a favor and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. A link to our channel is available on our newly updated website hangarzpodcast.com.

*They were not childhood best friends. It is debatable if they are or ever were friends today.

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