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The Pilot Incapacitation Procedure with Carilion Clinic Life Guard and Echo Heliops

Episode Description

We would like to thank ECHO Heliops for sponsoring this episode of the Hangar Z Podcast.

In this episode we chat with Sid Bingley and Ty Le Roy who are part of a HEMS crew who work for Carillon Life-Guard Crew in Virginia.

Sid is a flight nurse and Ty is a pilot currently flying the H135. Ty previously flew Apache attack helicopters for the Army.

In this episode we talk about the pilot incapacitation procedure and training for EP’s with non flying partners.

We also talk about ECHO Heliops and their upcoming conference which is in Austin Texas august 15th-17th.

To learn more about Echo Heliops visit their website at www.echoheliops.org

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