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The Southern California Blizzard, Goodwin’s Market and the Johnstone’s

Episode Description

Welcome to episode 74 of the Hangar Z Podcast brought to you by Vertical Valor Magazine. 

Last week a historic snowstorm began which eventually ended up dropping 10 feet of snow on our community.

Many people's homes and businesses fell victim to the weight of the snow as they saw their roofs and decks collapse. The weight of the snow has damaged many natural gas mains causing homes to burn down and even a few have exploded. 

My best friend's grocery store Goodwin and Son's Market which feed’s literally thousands of people and serves as the center of the community had its roof collapse. This collapse crushed the contents of the store and obviously forced their closure.

The volume of snow has made roads impassable and heavy equipment traditionally used to clear the roads ineffective. 

The impassable roads have trapped thousands of residents in their homes and has threatened our most vulnerable and fragile segments of the population who depend on these roads to get medication, food, and supplies. 

I felt that I needed to record an episode of the podcast to document what has happened to my community and in particular Goodwin's Market as they are not only great friends but a critical piece of infrastructure in our community.

This isn’t the traditional public safety aviation content that we typically cover. 

Join me as I interview Mike and Jessica Johnstone. They are some of the kindest and hardest working people you will meet on the face of this earth. 

During the interview, we talked about the storm, and they give us an overview of the path that led them to where they are in the family business that was established in 1946 in Crestline California. 

They provide a history of the business and talk about the heartbreak surrounding the collapse of the store's roof that has closed the store.

We would like to thank our sponsors Metro Aviation, SHOTOVER, and CNC Technologies as well as our sponsors on Patreon.  

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