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Todd Powers & Ronnie Ries on the GPMS Predictive Health and Usage Monitoring System

Episode Description

In episode 61 we spend more time talking about how technology is improving our industry by increasing our mission readiness.

We sit down and chat with Todd Powers and Ronnie Ries from GPMS. GPMS produces a predictive health and usage monitoring system that is available for, a wide range of airframes which now includes single engine ships most frequently used in public safety aviation.

This technology is used to get an in-depth look at the aircrafts vital systems using sensors that report information on the aircrafts overall health after each flight allowing maintainers, pilots and administrators to maintain their mission readiness with peace of mind.

Most people will recognize Todd Powers from his 20 plus year career with Airbus. And most will know Ronnie from his career at Bell Flight.

Both Todd and Ronnie are working together at GPMS and are working to expand the use of HEMS technology in aviation and in particular public safety aviation.

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