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Tom Churchill and Shotover’s new M2 camera system

Episode Description

In this episode we sit down with the man who co-founded a company that was instrumental in developing technology for flight crews that has led to the apprehension of countless criminals across the world.

Churchill Navigation’s Augmented Reality mapping System has also helped TFO’s of all levels increase their skill set and situational awareness while assisting the men and women on the ground in public safety.

On August 4th, 2020, Churchill Navigation and Shotover Camera systems who makes world class aerial camera systems merged to become Shotover Systems. 

Fast forward to APSCON in Reno 2022, and Shotover released their new M2 EO/IR Multi-Sensor camera System for public safety aviation.

During our conversation with Tom, he talks about the development of the navigational software, the new camera system and how the two will work hand in hand to give us capabilities we never thought possible.

As always, we would like to thank our sponsor Metro Aviation and our supporters on Patreon. 

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