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Episode #15 – Ben Clayton: From Pilot to CEO

Episode Description

In this episode, we have a special guest, Ben Clayton, the CEO of Life Flight Network.

Ben started his time at Life Flight Network in 2015 as a baseline pilot, and in just seven short years, he worked his way up to the CEO position. In this interview, Ben shares his experience transitioning from military to civilian flying and how he went from Pilot to CEO of one of the largest Air Ambulance Operations in the United States!

Ben and Halsey also discuss the critical importance of safety in the aviation industry, especially in air ambulance services. Ben shares how Life Flight Network has prioritized safety through various initiatives, such as continuous training for pilots and staff, fleet modernization, implementing a safety management system (SMS), and fostering a "just culture" where everyone feels comfortable reporting safety concerns. They delve into how these initiatives have positively impacted Life Flight Network's safety record and overall culture.

Whether you're an aspiring pilot, a helicopter enthusiast, or just interested in hearing inspiring stories of success, this episode is a must-listen. So, please sit back, relax, and join us for an exciting and informative conversation with Ben Clayton on the Helicopter Podcast.

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