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Episode #25 – Mike Underwood: The Maintenance Behind Robinson Helicopters

Episode Description

Welcome to the latest episode of the Helicopter Podcast! In this week's show, your host Halsey is joined by a special guest, Mike Underwood, the owner of SVT Aviation Maintenance. Mike is an experienced helicopter A&P (mechanic) and a longtime friend of Halsey, making this episode an engaging conversation between two industry experts.

The focus of this episode revolves around the maintenance of Robinson Helicopters, specifically the popular models R22, R44, and R66. Mike shares his extensive knowledge and expertise in this area, providing valuable insights for helicopter enthusiasts and aspiring mechanics.

The episode starts with discussing Mike's background, giving listeners a glimpse into his journey within the aviation industry. From there, the conversation takes a deep dive into becoming an aviation mechanic (A&P), shedding light on the necessary steps, qualifications, and experiences required for aspiring professionals.

Halsey and Mike explore a wide range of Robinson Helicopter-specific maintenance topics as the conversation progresses. Listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in maintaining these helicopters, including best practices, common challenges, and specific considerations for the R22, R44, and R66 models.

Whether you're a helicopter enthusiast, an aspiring A&P mechanic, or simply curious about the world of helicopter maintenance, this episode is packed with invaluable information. Halsey and Mike's dynamic chemistry and wealth of knowledge make for a fascinating discussion that will leave you informed and inspired.

Please tune in to this episode of the Helicopter Podcast to hear firsthand from Mike Underwood, owner of SVT Aviation Maintenance, as he shares his expertise and insights into the world of Robinson Helicopter maintenance. Get ready for an enlightening and educational experience that's not to be missed!

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