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Episode #27 – Dan Bentley: The Intricacies of Flying

Episode Description

In today's episode of the Helicopter Podcast, we are thrilled to have Dan Bentley, a longtime friend, as our special guest. Halsey shares a history with Dan, having initially crossed paths during their time at Hillsboro Aviation. While Halsey was beginning his training, Dan was transitioning to his second job with Bristow. Their paths intersected once again when they both worked as tour pilots at Maverick Helicopters.

Dan is a remarkable individual, loved by everyone who knows him. His infectious positivity and unwavering happiness make him a joy to be around. Halsey has always been impressed by Dan's approach to his craft as a helicopter pilot. He is incredibly methodical, always seeking to understand the intricate details of flying. Whether it's attending his lessons or engaging in helicopter discussions, it becomes apparent that Dan possesses a wealth of wisdom and takes immense pride in being the best pilot he can be.

Currently, Dan is flying for Classic Helicopters out of Steamboat Springs, showcasing his expertise in a new setting. Listeners can anticipate an enjoyable episode, as Dan's passion for aviation and commitment to excellence shine through. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be enthralled by the insights and experiences shared by this exceptional guy!

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