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Episode #28 – Dave Dziura: The Truth Behind Helicopter Accidents

Episode Description

Welcome, party people, to this week's episode of The Helicopter Podcast. In this exciting episode, we have a special guest, Dave Dziura, joining us. Dave is not only a longtime friend but also a dedicated advocate for helicopter safety. He is actively involved in various initiatives, such as the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team and the HAI Safety Working Group. Dave's expertise in all thing’s helicopters, particularly safety, is truly unmatched.

During our conversation, Dave and I dive deep into some fascinating topics. We start by examining the current statistics surrounding helicopter accidents and explore the root causes behind them. Our goal is to shed light on the areas where improvements are needed. Dave, being a safety mastermind, provides valuable insights and shares his wealth of knowledge with us.

We don't stop at identifying the problems; we also discuss what the industry can do to eliminate accidents and enhance safety measures. Dave's extensive experience and involvement in various safety organizations make him the perfect person to talk everything “helicopter safety.”

Throughout the episode, Dave mentions several useful resources and websites. Below, I provided each link for ease of access!

So, kick back, relax, and join us as we delve into the world of helicopter safety with the Dave Dziura. This episode promises to be a thrilling and informative ride. Enjoy!


https://ushst.org/ (56 Seconds to Live, and next webinar date/time/link are right on homepage)

https://ushst.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/USHST_H-SE-125_Preflight_Final.pdf (Preflight Risk Assessment resource)

FAA’s publicly available, Rotorcraft Accident Dashboard.

Find “Dashboard Navigation” near the top of the default page and click either “Historical Briefing” or “Make Model Breakdown” for access to all 3 pages of visualized and interactive data. Updated regularly – accident briefings and NTSB report numbers are on the "Make Model Breakdown" page.


www.saferotors.com (my website)

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