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Episode #30 – Adam Hough: From Military to Air Medical

Episode Description

On today's episode of the Helicopter Podcast, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend Adam Hough. Despite never meeting in person, Adam and I have cultivated a strong relationship through phone calls and texts over the past few years. Adam, a referral partner for my business, Sellacopter, is one of the nicest individuals you'll ever encounter. His love for helicopters and flying is evident when you speak with him!

During our conversation, we delved into Adam's remarkable journey, starting with his military background and moving on to his flight training in Hillsboro, where I learned. From there, Adam gained valuable experience as a flight instructor, ventured into offshore flying, and is currently flying air medical missions.

It was an incredible experience reconnecting with Adam and learning more about his path in aviation. His passion and positivity are truly inspiring. So, join me on this episode as we explore Adam's aviation career and his unwavering love for helicopters. Trust me; it's a conversation you will want to catch!

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