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Episode #35 – Jackie Sanders: Helicopter Crash Survivor

Episode Description

In this captivating episode, I am joined by my dear friend Jackie Sanders, who brings a wealth of military and civilian experience to the show. We delve into his remarkable journey of learning to fly in the military and successfully transitioning into the civilian aviation world. Jackie's diverse career has led him through agricultural aviation, air medical services, and a unique combination of AG and Air-Medical.

One of the most gripping moments we discuss is the unfortunate r-66 accident Jackie experienced while flying agricultural missions. Together, we carefully examine the entire scenario, offering valuable insights and lessons learned from this incident.

What truly sets this episode apart is Jackie's willingness to share his extensive expertise and his personal account of the wire strike accident. His openness and honesty make this a truly unforgettable conversation.

I genuinely admire Jackie's resilience and candidness, making this a must-listen episode. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or love a compelling story, this podcast will inspire and inform you. Jackie's engaging personality and captivating narrative make this an exceptional episode you won't want to miss. Tune in and prepare to be amazed!

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