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Episode #36 – Adam Rickard: Pilot in Training!

Episode Description

Welcome to today's captivating podcast episode, where we sit down with Adam Rickard, an aspiring helicopter pilot currently training with Leading Edge Aviation in Central Oregon. Unlike many of our previous guests, who boast extensive helicopter experience, Adam's journey is unique as he's just about to complete his training. Join us as we delve into his training experiences, plans post-graduation, and the reasons behind his passion for flying helicopters.

Before pursuing his dreams of becoming a pilot, Adam served in the Air Force, making his transition into aviation all the more fascinating. We explore how he manages the responsibilities of being a family man, juggling his time between being a devoted husband and father to his kids, all while handling a full-time job alongside his rigorous training schedule.

For those contemplating helicopter training, this episode is a must-listen, as we discuss invaluable insights about what to expect during flight school and the challenges and rewards that come with it. So, whether you're an aviation enthusiast or considering embarking on your helicopter training journey, sit back, relax, and enjoy this enlightening and engaging conversation with Adam Rickard.

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