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Episode #39 – Podcast Short: How NOT to Behave During Helicopter Training

Episode Description

Halsey is flying solo in this podcast short, where he kicks off a series on his helicopter employment journey. This first installment is all about Halsey's experience as a student at a flight school in which he hoped to work as a CFI after finishing his training. He's said it before, reiterating on today's episode that your interview starts the day you start your helicopter training.

Like a fine bottle of wine, Halsey has improved with age; however, as an eighteen-year-old flight student, he recounts many mistakes in making himself stand out as a CFI candidate. Blame it on age or a lack of maturity, but Halsey discusses "how not to behave" while doing your helicopter training.

This series starts with a bang; stay tuned as Halsey, over the next couple of months, will give you his first-person experience in getting hired at the different operators throughout his helicopter career.

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