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Episode #42 – Matthew Evans: Becoming a Color Blind Pilot

Episode Description

Welcome to The Helicopter Podcast! In this captivating episode, our host, Halsey, is joined by Matthew Evans. Mathew's journey is a testament to the power of determination and resilience in aviation.

From a young age, Matthew's heart was set on flying. However, a surprising twist in high school revealed that he was color blind, as confirmed by his Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). This news initially dashed his hopes of pursuing a career in commercial aviation. But, as Matthew's story unfolds, we learn that setbacks are stepping stones to success.

Instead of giving up, Matthew chose a different path and dedicated an illustrious 23-year career to the military. He shares his experiences and insights gained during his service.

In 2020, a pivotal moment rekindled Matthew's dream of becoming a professional pilot. He discovered that the FAA allowed alternative color vision tests, providing hope. Matthew delves into acquiring his second-class medical, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs along the way and providing valuable insight for aviators in similar positions.

But that's not all! Matthew also discusses how he strategically utilized the GI Bill to finance helicopter and airplane training. He emphasizes the importance of veterans selecting FAA Part 141 training schools affiliated with VA-approved colleges, unlocking an invaluable opportunity for aspiring aviators.

As the episode draws to an end, Matthew shares his exciting future goals. He aspires to become an aerial coordinator and pilot for Hollywood films and TV shows, showcasing his passion for aviation and entertainment.

Listeners, this episode is not to be missed! Matthew's journey is an inspiring reminder that dreams can take flight with determination and the proper support. Tune in to The Helicopter Podcast, and be prepared to be inspired by Matthew Evans' incredible story.

Definition of meeting color vision standard:


Additional acceptable color vision tests:


Acceptance of ophthalmologic evaluation:


Form FAA 8500-7 report of eye evaluation:


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