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Episode #50 – Special Edition with Jon Gray as Host, and Halsey Schider as Guest!

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Episode Description

Join the milestone 50th episode of The Helicopter Podcast (THP), brought to you by Vertical Helicasts, where a delightful twist awaits!

Jon Gray, the vibrant voice behind the Hangar Z Podcast, takes the role of host, turning the tables on THP host Halsey Schider.

Schider becomes the engaging guest in the “hot seat.” In this dynamic episode, Gray delves into Schider’s aviation origins, uncovering the roots of his passion and tracing the unique trajectory of his career.

The conversation shifts between professional milestones and personal anecdotes, painting a vivid picture of Schider’s journey.

Beyond the serious aviation talk, the episode takes a whimsical turn as Gray lightens the mood with quirky questions, injecting a playful and fun-filled tone to this special edition.

Prepare for laughter, insights, and a genuine glimpse into the future of The Helicopter Podcast.

Don’t forget to check out the Hangar Z Podcast for yourself at the Vertical Helicasts website.

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