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Episode #80 – From Medical Struggle to Pilot: Clint Pulver – The Helicopter Podcast

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Episode Description

In this captivating episode of The Helicopter Podcast, host Halsey Schider interviews Clint Pulver. Clint is a professional speaker, author, helicopter enthusiast, and creator of the YouTube series “Finding Hill.”

He walks us through his fascinating journey from aspiring helicopter pilot to overcoming personal challenges and rediscovering his passion for aviation. He shares his story of grappling with a rare eye disease that temporarily derailed his dreams, and how he eventually regained his sight, allowing him to pursue flying once more.

Clint underscores the significance of mentors and the invaluable support system that guided him through tough times. He reflects on the importance of staying flexible and open to new opportunities when life takes unexpected turns. The conversation also touches on Clint’s multifaceted career as a drummer and author.

The episode explores Clint’s admiration for Hill Helicopters and his decision to purchase both an HX50 and an HC50, highlighting the challenges and excitement of innovation in the helicopter industry. Clint’s insights into navigating adversity and finding fulfillment in unexpected ways make this a must-listen episode!

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