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Episode #81 – Shaping the future for Canadian Aviators: Cathy Press – The Helicopter Podcast

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Episode Description

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In this insightful episode of The Helicopter Podcast, host Halsey Schider interviews Cathy Press, the owner of Chinook Helicopters, a premier flight training company in British Columbia, Canada.

Cathy shares her remarkable journey in aviation, highlighting many challenges and rewards. She recounts her transition from fixed-wing to helicopter flying and expresses her passion for teaching future aviators.

Cathy offers a behind-the-scenes look at running a successful flight school and the evolution of her business. She details the training curriculum for aspiring pilots in Canada, explaining the progression from groundwork to actual flying. The conversation also covers the importance of training standards, the approved training organization (ATO) system, and Cathy’s responsibilities as a pilot examiner.

Cathy also offers valuable advice on the qualities she looks for when hiring pilots, noting the importance of skills and interpersonal connections.

For an engaging discussion on aviation entrepreneurship, pilot training, and industry insights, don’t miss this episode of The Helicopter Podcast!

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