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Episode #82 – Colorado Search and Rescue: Tracy Stallings – The Helicopter Podcast

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Episode Description

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In this insightful episode of The Helicopter Podcast, host Halsey Schider interviews Tracy Stallings, a helicopter pilot at Classic Air Medical.

Tracy shares her inspiring journey of becoming a helicopter pilot, from her initial experiences training in Hawaii and California, emphasizing the unique challenges and benefits of each location, to her current work as an HAA (Helicopter Air Ambulance) pilot.

Tracy also provides an in-depth look at the combination of air medical services and search-and-rescue missions she performs in the Bell 429. She shares compelling stories of rescuing lost hikers and hunters, responding to emergencies in remote areas, and providing crucial support to the community.

For an engaging discussion on the journey of becoming a helicopter pilot, the dynamics of working in air medical and search-and-rescue, and insights into the aviation industry, don’t miss this episode of The Helicopter Podcast!

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