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Episode #85 – Airbus Light Helicopters Program Director: Jérôme Ronssin – The Helicopter Podcast

Episode Description

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Welcome to The Helicopter Podcast, brought to you by Vertical HeliCASTS!

In this engaging episode of The Helicopter Podcast, host Halsey Schider sits down with Jerome Ronssin, the Light Helicopter Program Director for Airbus, to discuss his pivotal role and the ongoing evolution of the H125 (A Star) helicopter.

Jerome likens his job to that of a conductor, ensuring seamless collaboration among various departments within the company to create a successful product. He underscores the importance of making decisions and setting priorities in his role.

Jerome elaborates on the H125’s DNA, emphasizing its versatility and capability to perform diverse missions in complex environments. Over the years, the H125 has seen significant improvements in performance and cockpit technology, with the BLR FastFin modification serving as a prime example of successful collaboration with third-party companies to enhance the aircraft.

The conversation with Jerome covers a broad spectrum of topics related to the light helicopter industry. They delve into the community and ecosystem surrounding light helicopters, the meticulous process of designing and certifying optional features, and the impact of modifications like the FastFin and autopilots.

Jerome also shares insights into the future of the industry, including the development of single-engine IFR (instrument flight rules) capabilities and the expansion of helicopter operations in India. Throughout the discussion, the importance of continuous improvement, customer feedback, and safety in the light helicopter industry is highlighted.

For an insightful discussion on the evolution of the H125, the dynamics of the light helicopter industry, and future innovations, don’t miss this episode of The Helicopter Podcast!

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