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Episode #78 – Flying with Robinson Helicopter Company’s Experimental Test Pilot: Chris Smith

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Episode Description

Make sure to check out this episode on YouTube for the full visual experience of this beautiful flight above the Los Angeles coastline!

Join us for an exhilarating in-helicopter episode of The Helicopter Podcast with Chris Smith, experimental test pilot at Robinson Helicopter Company!

In this unique episode, host Halsey Schider takes to the skies with Chris, flying all over Los Angeles and the stunning Pacific Ocean coastline. As they soar above the city, they dive deep into Chris’ extensive and fascinating background, exploring how he landed such an incredible role at the renowned Robinson Helicopter factory.

During the flight, Chris shares his journey, from learning to fly to becoming a flight test pilot — a position that is as rare as it is remarkable. His story is a testament to dedication, skill, and passion for aviation, and offers a rare glimpse into the life of a test pilot.

In addition to learning about Chris’ career, the two discuss the innovative work being done at Robinson Helicopter Company. Chris sheds light on the company’s ongoing efforts to engineer, test, and refine its helicopter platforms. They explore his recent involvement in certifying the new horizontal stabilizer, providing an insider’s perspective on what that process entails and the challenges faced.

The beautiful spring day provides the perfect backdrop for the conversation, with breathtaking footage captured in the R66.

This episode is packed with insights and behind-the-scenes stories that any aviation enthusiast or aspiring pilot won’t want to miss!

Thank you to sponsors Sellacopter, Vertical Aviation International and Robinson Helicopter Company.

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